Fields of interests

  • Advanced Computer Architectures
  • Parallel and Distributed Processing
  • Ubiquitous Computing (especially: Context Prediction of the Next Location Movement)
  • Autonomous Web Searching and Data Mining (Extracting Information from Data Sources using Wrappers)
  • Document Classification (using Neural Networks, Support Vector Machine, etc.)
  • Intelligent Agents and Semantic Web
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Multi - Valued Logic and Applications
  • Decision support systems
  • Computer supported collaborative work
  • Multi-agent systems
  • Human-computer interaction
  • Manufacturing planning and control
  • Knowledge-based society
  • Automatic Design Space Exploration
  • Network-on-Chip architectures
  • Foresight methods

1. Domain driven developement
2. J2EE Software Developement Methodologies
3. Inversion of Control and newly Bijection of Control based software solutions including Spring, Struts, Seam
4. Deployment of most quality enterprise environments including tomcat, BEA and jboss
5. OCR systems
6. Workflows in graphics and information processing
7. Opensource projects (most of apache and sourceforge projects)
8. New software standards including EJB3, hibernate 3 and JSR220-ORM
9. Content Management Systems
10. Content Syndication
11. jBPM, JDBC, JNDI, EJBs, RMI, JSP, Java servlets, XML, JMS, Java IDL, JTS, JTA, JavaMail, and JAF
12. Highly adaptive network-centric solutions as JINI
13. Software packages supporting businesses in the manufacturing industry in inbound supply chain management
14. Ajax
15. Object Oriented Analysis and Design
16. New trends in web development
17. Category theory