The Advanced Computer Architecture and Processing Systems (ACAPS) Research Centre

The “Advanced Computer Architecture and Processing Systems” research centre is doing research, mainly in the following scientific domains: Advanced Computer Architectures, Parallel and Distributed Systems, Context Prediction in Ubiquitous Computing, Document Classification, Automatic Design Space Exploration and Network-on-Chip architectures. This research centre is led by Professor Lucian Vintan, member of The Academy of Technical Sciences from Romania –

The researches are partially supported by some research grants and some companies (for example Siemens AG, CT IC Munich) or universities like UPC Barcelona (Department of Computer Architecture – DAC, led by Professor Mateo Valero), University of Augsburg, University of Hertfordshire, Politecnico di Milano, etc. The research results were published in some prestigious journals and international conferences – see for details in this respect.

During the 1998-2009 period ACAPS already finished 14 institutional research grants and projects, financed by The Romanian National Research Council (CNCSIS), ICI - Bucharest, Akademia Gorniczo-Hutnicza Krakowie and INFOSOC research program (see for details). Through these research grants ACAPS has been acquired some high-level equipments and software tools, including a powerful IBM Cell BE system, containing 2 blades with 36 cores – see for details section Also, in ACAPS institute were developed five PhD theses up to 2011; one in cooperation with Siemens AG, CT IC Munich, focused on document classification (Professor’s Hartmut Raffler – Vice-President, research group), and other three PhD theses in cooperation with University of Augsburg, focused on developing some advanced micro-architectures (Professor Theo Ungerer was PhD co-supervisor for one of these PhDs, together with Professor Vintan). Starting from 2012 the PhD activity supervised by Professor Vintan was officially integrated into the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca PhD School.

Two of the researchers belonging to ACAPS (Prof. L. Vintan and Dr. A. Florea) received the prestigious "Tudor Tanasescu" Romanian Academy Prize, in 2005, for their valuable research in Computer Architecture field.

Now, the members are focusing especially on developing multi-core systems and also some automatic design space exploration tools, related to these systems. Particularly, it was started a fruitful cooperation with Politecnico di Milano (Professor Cristina Silvano, PhD) related to power consumption issues in multi-core architectures. Three PhD students are working on these topics, together with three senior members. Also the research in document classification field is continuing. At this topic are working a PhD student together with two senior researchers.